A Little History

From 2008 to 2012, Outdoors With Friends prided itself on providing the highest level of outdoor education experiences to children in the D.C. area. Launched by Matt Walters and myself, James Howes, OWF served hundreds of kids and changed the way they interacted with the outdoors.

Alas Matt relocated to Connecticut (watch out for our NE branch launching soon) and family needs overtook my time. However I would continually run into former students and the question would always arise “why don’t you do that camp thing anymore?”

I can honestly say that the working to build OWF was one of the most satisfying professional experience I have had. This is because we were able to engage kids and give them space to explore and play. We were able to enrich their lives but in the process we had a lot of fun ourselves.

Reflecting during paternity leave in 2016, I finally realized how great the experience had been. And so here we are at the OWF relaunch. I look forward to creating the same level of high quality, exciting and fun experiences for a new generation of kids.

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